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It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining. But you are stuck in traffic and it is really hot inside your car. You can roll down the windows, but that will just give your arm some color. What are you going to do? With the installation of any new VW ragtop kit, you can now open up the entire top of your car to give you all the sun and open air that you want.

These Volkswagen ragtops will make it easy to sit in traffic and relax. Plus, because heat rises, your car will be much cooler with a vdub ragtop to open the top of your car. With the quality aluminum rails and great looking canvas or vinyl material for the actual roof, your Volkswagen rag top kit will last for a long time.

With any of these vdub sunroofs installed, you will have all the benefits of a convertible top without any of the drawbacks. For one thing, a Volkswagen sunroof will not add any weight to your car. In fact, it will make your car lighter. Also, the VW sunroof kits we carry do not fold up into the trunk so you won't lose any luggage space when you open the top.

You can install new Volkswagon sun roof kits for your car in very little time. Also, new vdub custom sunroofs can come in any size or color that you want to really add that special touch to your car. Our great VW ragtop sunroofs install kits are going to be one of your favorite upgrades you ever make.